Martin and Mias trip to Asia, June - July 1997

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The main event of the trip is to see the Hong Kong handover. But, we started of at Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong and finally Jakarta. Here you first have the quick links to the main pages. The web-site is organized so that each country has its own home page from which you can navigate to highlights that may suite you. There are a lot of cross site links, but once you have reached a point where you are on lowest level there is a consequent link going forward (keep on to...) or going back to the previous page. A page typically consists of 10-20 JPEG pictures of around 20 KByte each, giving slow but acceptable loading time using a regular modem. They are mostly, but not always, done in chronological order. OK, now you are ready to sit back and enjoy our site. Either, hop directly to one of the places below, or read a little bit more: Bali Singapore Hong Kong before HO China Hong Kong Handover Jakarta

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Singapore, with its Haw Par Villa theme park. You can also check out pictures from Sentosa island, the Night safari, Raffles hotel and many other famous landmarks.






In Bali we did a lot of things. You can check out the diving, the various hotels, Git Git waterfalls or a dolphin tour. You can even see how me and Mia managed to become TV stars in a local promotion! And, the story of Joko Tingkir, the lizards + more.




Hong Kong

First we went in before the handover. We went to one of the worlds best restaurants (Yee Kew restaurant), to Stanley, Aberdeen and some barhopping in Lan Kwai Fong, the famous bar district in Hong Kong at Central.





China, Guangzhou (Canton)

We decided to make an intermediate stop in China as an excursion from Hong Kong.

OK, the photo does not show the real China, this is our hotel, the famous White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou. But we do also have pictures from the Shamian island of the nice Portuguese colonial villas, the fun park there, the Sun Yat Sen memorial and not to mention our snake restaurant. Even Mia tried the snake.


Hong Kong handover to China

The highlight of our Journey watching the handover. We were certainly not alone. But we did a lot of other things as well, like watching the worlds longest suspension bridge, going to the famous Jumbo restaurant, swimming in repulse bay, barhopping in Lan Kwai Fong (and other places). Or, read about the fun Mad Dogs pub or the Chung King mansion. But don't stay at the Imperial Hotel, although they are very friendly.

Of course, you can check out the fireworks on handover day, SAR day. On hangover day we went to the Ocean park, a great theme park, one of the best in the world. The nicest part of it was the reef aquarium, but they had many exciting rides as well.


In Jakarta we didn't do very much. We stayed at the wonderful Shangri-la hotel, one of the best in the world. But we did negotiate a lot, both at the taxi from the airport, the taxi to the airport (which gave us two free drinks as you can see us enjoy), room upgrade and others. But if you can take advantage of it (and get an affordable rate) I do recommend you to spend a night (including two full days) at a Shangri-la, the ultimate resort.



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